pH buffers

Ensure accuracy of your pH measurements

High accuracy of the buffers help you to optimize the pH value in your process and maximize the yield and quality of your product

Make pH measurements reliable 

CPY20 pH buffer solutions are used for calibration and adjustment of pH electrodes in all industries. They are optimized for all routine and high precision sensor adjustments in both the process and the lab.

The calibration and adjustment can be conducted with:

  • Memobase Plus CYZ71D software
  • All transmitters of the Liquiline series
  • All conventional pH transmitters on the market

CPY20 pH buffers are traceable to standard reference material of NIST (USA) and PTB (Germany) and fulfil the stringent documentation requirements of Life Sciences.

All used preservatives are FDA-listed for highest product safety in FDA-supervised processes.

The easily accessible, identical certificates of all CPY20 pH buffers simplify your audit trails and improve the reliability of your SOPs.

pH buffers