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Solvent extraction

The objective of solvent extraction is to produce a “rich” (concentrated) solution, which will be used further in the electro winning process. Correct pH and conductivity values assure proper metal extraction. If not properly controlled, “mud” could be generated and the complete site must be shut down until cleared.

Easy cleaning is a key parameter to consider when choosing a sensor for this application, given that, in this case, it would be extremely time-consuming to remove the sensor to clean.



pH measurements play an important role in the process of floatation. Flotation is the process of mineral separation based on different hydrophobic and hydrophilic properties between targeted minerals and the presence of “waste” rock in chemicals. pH modifiers use special chemicals to ensure suitable surface chemistry for mineral flotation. Commonly-used chemicals include lime CaO or Ca(OH)2.  The sensor for this kind of application should be suitable for work in extreme conditions and provide reliable measurements, and the calibration process should be as easy as possible.  


Which products are applicable for Mining industry?


Leaching, flotation, tailings


Utilities, water treatment


Combined pH/ORP