Liquiline To Go

Simplifying the pH value monitoring process

Portable transmitter Liquiline To Go makes it possible to check your online measurements, ensuring the correct value in any industry and application without the need to take the samples to lab each time.

Take the instrument with you and make your measurements reliable


Comparing to check ups in a lab

With Liquiline To Go, you can go through the whole plant and check if your measurements are correct. It’s much faster than running back and forth to the lab with a sample, and it decreases the risk of sample contamination.


Using Memosens Technology

With Memosens technology, you can measure pH, temperature, conductivity, oxigen or oRP depending on the type of sensor you connect as long as your sensors are digital.


Product Quality Control

Doing regular check-ups of your online measurements will ensure that the quality of the product won’t be affected by incorrect pH values and that relevant instruments will be working properly.

Why Liquiline To Go?

  • You can save measurement values and temperature values, including time and date, and store up to 10,000 in the transmitter.
  • Compared to traditional ways of bringing the sample to the lab, Liquiline will allow you to control your measurement point in a couple of hours instead of two days.
  • You can solve insecurity to any measurement values that may require you to shut down the process. This will allow you to identify the source of issues without shutting down the process.
  • The expected lifetime of Liquiline To Go is 5-10 years, which makes the investment very cost-efficient, taking the time saved and prevention of potential damages into consideration.
  • Liquiline To Go is also suitable for hazardous areas.

Advice for effective usage and maintenance 

Accurate maintenance of the portable transmitter guarantees a longer lifetime of the product and the reliability of your measurements. 

The device itself doesn’t require too much maintenance, but these tips will help ensure it works efficiently and will probably answer some of your questions.

The transmitter is sufficiently functional enough to use instead of setting up a whole lab. There are some points that will help you optimize the devise usage and prevent potential damages to the instrument.

  • There is a storage compartment in the instrument where you can put your sensor. To prevent your portable sensor from drying, put some storage solution inside and go on measuring. We also have an adapter to prevent your solution from spilling. Two of them are already in the package.
  • It can be set up as a redundant sensor / measuring point. The only limitations are the battery life and the inability of exporting data. Other than that, you can set up the instrument to take a measurement every x seconds/minutes/hours and let it run.
  • You may need to clean your sensor after every measurement, or at the end of batch of measurements. Don’t worry about cables. Dirt and humidity are not a problem with Memosens technology.